Principal Research Scientist, ACT

Alicia is an intelligent, creative, and collaborative colleague who is great at forming and maintaining relationships with clients. But her talents don't end there. She has excellent marketing and organizational skills and would be a valuable asset to almost any organization

Director, Enterprise Growth, ProExam an ACT Affiliated Company

Alicia Ogilvie is the Manager of School Partnerships at Professional Examination Service and I have worked with her for more than two years. Alicia is a highly competent, conscientious and driven person; it is a pleasure to write on her behalf and to point to some of her strengths.

External facing. ProExam is service-driven organization; we are dependent on establishing solid customer relationships. Alicia routinely goes above and beyond to make sure that customers have a positive experience with our company, our products, and our services. Customer feedback makes it clear that our clients value Alicia and appreciate all the time and energy she puts into making their experiences be mutually beneficial.

Internal facing. Alicia is a problem solver. She is proactive, organized, and focused. Alicia truly represents the ‘voice of the customer’ and makes sure that ProExam research and development staff are fully informed regarding the experiences of our end-users. Senior management value her opinions and place high regard on her recommendations.

Collegial. Fellow employees like Alicia and have grown to rely on her. She is true team player; she is empathetic and supportive; she has that unique ability to appropriately balance personal and professional relationships.

In summary, Alicia is a great employee and colleague. She has mastered the business, professional, and personal skills needed to make her successful in a wide variety of contexts. I think highly of her and am pleased to recommend her. You may feel free to contact me for additional information. 


Chief Financial Officer, ProExam an ACT Affiliated Company

Alicia is a highly valued employee. Her start up mentality, strong analytical and communications skills, coupled with her enthusiasm for learning has enabled Alicia to make quite a contribution to ProExam these past two years. Alicia’s welcoming demeanor has enabled her to work exceptionally well with clients and colleagues at all levels in the organization, adapting communication techniques in order to achieve business objectives